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tv   Tavis Smiley  WETA  August 21, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> he was flop with drunk driving charges. david collins joins us live with the latest. >> there is strong reactions coming from members of the wires yer's party. calls for him to resign from his seat are increasing and growing louder. >> he could should consider resigning from the legislator and get the help that he needs to get back on track. >> democrats stop short of calling for him to step down. >> he needs to look within himself in terms of what is best for his constituents. him earlyarrested tuesday morning for dui. police charging documents say that an officer transporting a prisoner spotted a cadillac with delegates tags driving erratically. police say he performed poorly
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tests.e field sobriety he had a strong odor about call on his breath. he told officers he had a couple of beers at a tavern. he refused a breathalyzer test. he faces an uncertain future as a state revisited. many of his constituents wanted to resign. >> he should resign. how is our role model? >> no one answered the door at his home. he has not returned calls placed to a cell phone or office. ron george is a good friend. he is a candidate for governor. he is urging his friend to step down. >> he has a responsibility to resign. chancebeen given this after what happened last time. >> don dwyer is facing charges for operating a boat under the influence of all call. several people were hurt.
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posts on his facebook page are mixed. mostly are supported. so especially the media wishes them harm. another theorizes he is a little target. others advise him to get it together. about don dwyer. i won't what is best for him. i need -- areoth convictions misdemeanors. he does not face exposure -- exposed and -- reporting live from annapolis, david collins. in aformation tonight deadly hit and run investigation in anne arundel county. authorities say they found the body of a woman near bayside beach road and belle haven avenue around 5:00 last night. investigators believe the woman was walking or standing on the
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north side of bayside beach road when she was hit by a car. police believe the car involved is similar to when you see on your screen right now. in 1982 mercedes series. evidence suggested maybe damage to the right front side of the car and the good, sender, and glass damage. if you have information on the accident, call authorities. police have made progress in street robberies. a suspect is charged with the shooting last week of a man in roland park. authorities say they have a new target. jayne miller is live with the latest with this. >> the shooting last week happened during robbery attempt. the suspect and victim are practically neighbors. the 23 old lives in hampton, a
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block away from where -- was shot. crime.harged with the has police pulling out all stops buried an additional 150 officers are on the street. crime is the most asked about topic when the mayor dressed the media. onwe are equally focused issues involving the street. of theomes on the heels arrest of others for street robberies that hoggard -- that targeted joggers. >> the phones were places where they get quick money for it. >> machines give cash for use phones.
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>> clearly, there are flaws in the machines. we are working with our elected officials to see what we can do. the city has done a good job of keeping those machines out. a second suspect in the case has not been found. reporting live, jayne miller. >> thank you. convictedeta has been of misconduct in office after lying about a shooting in january of 2011. he was in a downtown baltimore parking lot getting shoes from the trunk of his car when someone shot him. prosecutors say he shot himself to collect workers compensation. >> opposition forces aren't using the asad regime of carrying out a chemical weapons attack that has killed 100 people. the regime calls the claim baseless. the white house says it condemns any use of chemical weapons.
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>> the white house says that it does not have an dependent on formation that the attack took place. it called for an immediate investigation by the native nations. -- by the united nations. the steering government denies an attack took place. >> what is happening is a terrible situation. there is work that can be done with our international partners to continue to pressure the asad regime. >> it is already on the ground in syria investigating previous alleged attacks. the obama menstruation calls the asad regime to provide the team with unfettered access to the site of today's alleged attack. >> they will have to have immediate access to witnesses individuals, and to
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collect physical evidence without interference. >> president obama called for a ouster. she announced plans to arm the opposition, but the arms of not arrived yet. the u.s. should do more, including the use of limited airstrikes. >>'s policies failing on his own terms. we are not accomplishing that right now. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said that the administration opposes limited military action in syria because it doesn't believe the opposition would support u.s. interest. >> bradley manning was sentenced to 35 years in a military prison , three years after leaking
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hundreds of thousands of classified documents. he was convicted on 20 charges, including espionage, for leaking documents to wiki leaks. he will have to serve at least one third of his sentence. he was dishonorably discharge. >> superfast maybe the new word for thousands of county students heading back to the classroom on monday. >> baltimore county has made technology upgrades which could help them access the internet quicker. tim tooten is live with the story. >> at least two major benefits for students and police were trying to keep schools safe. an expensive upgrade with a price tag of $90 million. it will add 160 miles of high- speed fiber-optic lives -- fiber-optic lines. are one of 46 goals for the
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changes are taking place. >> students are able to have access to critical instruction 24/7. mediaok at how social impacts them now. imagine them having access to tapping into something that is going to elevate them. >> police will be able to use the broadband network 12 keep building say. starting with elementary schools. >> they can hook onto the network, and string the camera videos to the parking lot. they are to see the situation before they enter. >> county school superintendents are helping to promote the benefits. >> as we're talking about security upgrades it cannot happen if the infrastructure is not there to support. we currently have that today.
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>> that is good news for parents. >> any opportunity that the school gets to move a law that -- along with technology into the future, it is leaps and bounds for the school system. >> officials say this is only the first phase of what is in store over the next few years. >> parents can expect the number of security upgrades when students return to the classroom. live in the studio, tim tooten. >> ever have an unexpected visitor at your house? >> that is what happened to a family in carroll county. more on the situation concerning this uninvited guess. >> more than anything, frustration and not living out to expectation for ravens today. details and sports. >> are showers and thunderstorms are approaching us. that's coming up next. (nancy) my budget used to be a
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>> an interesting surprise for a family. a 2.5 foot alligator in their backyard. happened saturday at the home in cherry tree lane. according to the family, neighborhood kids were heading the reptile. despite its small stature, experts say they are glad the gator isn't roaming around. >> it was 2.5 feet long.
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if he is that much, he is probably two years old. we think he is a male. he is doing good. he is eating well. they can get 12-15 feet. the gator is probably a pet that became too large and was set free. it will be taken in a couple of weeks to alligator adventure in south carolina. thee told you about unexpected delivery on a howard county highway. a 911 dispatcher coached a couple through the birth of their child in their car. here they are with their new son. an operator told them to pull over when it became clear that there would be no time to get to the hospital safely. pace -- applied
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pressure. [indiscernible] >> megan has been a dispatcher for four years. all the parents are doing well. >> now your forecast with tom tasselmyer. today after aggy week of fall temperatures. it is cranking up the heat. it is going to last another day before we get relief over the weekend. 89 degrees over the weekend. the esther port -- downtown baltimore was all the way up to 93. look at the record. it goes back to the 19th century. we haven't had a 20th day of
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august warmer since 1899. 89 today. ms. that by a bunch. -- missed that by a bunch. storms downers and in western virginia, damaging winds down there. a lot of lightning strikes showing up with those storms in virginia. that is coming up toward the potomac. indication of the weather that is not too far away. the radar sweep around baltimore is dry right now. you pick up storms in virginia and charles county. showers out to the west of frederick. the potential is there for an overnight shower thunderstorm. to front that is going change this is sitting way up to our north and west.
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in there storms along it northern great lakes. it is bringing heat and relief. bismarckas in the 100s. that front will come through the area friday morning. that is when the weather will get pushed out. another sticky day, 84-89. , a risk of a thunderstorm for the ravens game tomorrow evening. 30% chance for storms were west. it is not going to nearly as comfortable as last week's game. 85 at kickoff. feel toy different preseason game number three. the waves are about one foot. west of the maryland mountains, storms that should end friday morning. the same pattern in ocean city. a couple of days of storms.
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we can looks gorgeous. the highs around 80. the forecast, 87 degrees tomorrow. a chance for thunderstorms clearing out. lots of sunshine, cool or less humid. toward the middle of last week, showers and storms. >> this is 11 sports. of dallase addition park him expectation remained the ravens will try for another pass catcher. --y made a trade in baltic involving a wide receiver. david reid traded to the indianapolis colts. reed is here. he struggled to stay healthy. he is not one to make the roster this year. the ravens get delone carter. guarantee to make the roster. running back is a position of
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depth with baltimore. he hasn't exactly have the most opportunity. the quarterback repeatedly targeted by the falcons. the response to criticism explained that it wasn't his fault. his coordinator had a different view. >> there has been times that guys get blamed for something on a coverage that may not be there's. for the most part, if the ball is there, it is then. i do not know what else to say. that is it. >> always a favorite interview. we will hear more an hour pregame show. it is not quite the national sport we once knew. the cover of sports illustrated carries weight. chris davis enjoys the cover. the evolution of his powerful
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swing. davis and his teammates are going -- , no outs.rts a double play the orioles try to salvage the series. level for all accounts. wells hatesf why your quotation he says was given to him by xavier university. now he is suing the school. rape. accused of to fileors chose not charges. the suit says he hasn't nothing wrong. in america, it if you have believe you have done nothing wrong, you go to court. >> ♪
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>> a maintenance worker is charged in the stabbing death of a townhome property manager. two months after the victim's murder, details on the investigation. more on the search for the driver police say was responsible for a fatal hit-and- run accident. we would have these stories for you on 11 news tonight.
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>> it was a little muggy. scattered thunderstorms in the area tonight and tomorrow. 87 degrees. but be some storms in the area. only 30% chance during the game tomorrow evening. it clears out tomorrow evening. after that, you don't evening through the weekend. sunny skies, highs in the 80. nighttime temperatures, 50s and 60s. look at past these storms and enjoy the week. >> we have had our rain. >> that is true.
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that is all the time we have. thank you for joining us.
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